Bibliotecas Brasil (Libraries Brazil) Mobile Application
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Methods used: participatory design workshop facilitation, user interviews, focus groups, online voting, desk research


Outcomes: Design workshops produced initial prototypes. Focus group led to designer changing logo. 

Bibliotecas Brasil (Libraries Brazil) helps people find public libraries in Brazil. It also helps people find out what's going on at the library, solving a communication problem for librarians. 


Defining the problem 

Librarians are well trained and excited to work with the public, but often libraries are empty and seen as only warehouses for old books. Librarians want to change this perception by showing all that is available at the library, including interesting materials (like graphic novels) and events (like capoeira practices, poetry readings, and book signings). Current communication channels like email lists and Facebook weren’t cutting it. I co-facilitated the generative research events that led to these insights.


Participatory design to the rescue!

Libraries Brazil is based on prototypes developed by teams of librarians in a participatory design workshop. I co-facilitated and co-designed these workshops. 


Testing concepts and designs

I conducted several user interviews to engage in concept testing with librarians, who wanted a simple tool that would help community members find libraries and access services and events. I conducted a focus group to test logo designs; these insights led to a redesign of the logo. 

The final product is an easy-to-use map of all libraries in Brazil, with a listing of events and details about their catalog of materials. 

For this project, I employed the following tools:

  •  participatory design workshop facilitation

  •  user interviews

  •  focus groups

  •  online voting 

  •  desk research