New America Public Interest Technology Research Fellowship

Methods used: stakeholder interviews, desk research,

Outcomes: Open Transit Data in India, published August, 2019 by New America Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Why do some transit systems appear on Google Maps and others don't?

In early 2019 I was selected to serve as Public Interest Technology Research Fellow at the New America Foundation. My fellowship project examined successful implementations of open transit data in India, or the data that is displayed on transit mobile apps like NextBus or Google Maps. 

My research paper, titled Open Transit Data in India, was published in August, 2019 and is available for download. The goal of this project is to examine promising stakeholder engagement models, and how we can increase the availability of transit data to decrease pollution and reduce congestion.


During this project I employed the following research techniques:

     -stakeholder/user interviews

     -desk research